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How to Set up a Recruitment Consultancy?

The Important things to be kept in mind to set up a Recruitment consultancy are: -
1. Corporate Branding
2. Identify & highlight your USP
3. Great ideas
4. Marketing
5. A well designed website
6. Opt for SEO Package to reflect your company website on goggle.
7. Write some articles/tips in HR blog,newspapers, etc.
8. Focus on getting clients
9. Use networking sites (orkut, linkedin, facebook,etc)
10. Work with companies in the SMB segments.
11. Offer Recruitment Services for IT & Non IT
12. Patiently wait for the payment from the client.

Corporate Branding.
Build your consultancy as a strong, vibrant, result-oriented brand. While it is easy to do offer your consulting services as a one-man professional service, Corporates especially the big companies prefer to do business with a Private Ltd company. So get a Chartered Accountant to get your consultancy registered with the ROC as a Private Limited company though there are some recurring annual formalities to fulfill. It’s worth the pain as it you get to be taken seriously by HR managers of big companies.

Identify & highlight your USP.
Unique Selling Proposition. Be clear as to what are your differentiators in a crowded & competitive recruitment market.

Great ideas.
Great ideas need wings for a perfect touchdown. Execution excellence is critical for success.

Marketing your company effectively is the key to success.

A well-designed website.
A well-designed website for your consultancy. It acts as your online marketing agent 24/7.

Opt for SEO Package to reflect your company website on goggle.
List your consultancy details along with website URL in all online resources – free classifieds & business directories so much so on googling your company name, the search page should come up with your online resources quoting your company.

Write some articles/tips in HR blog, newspapers, etc.
Write some articles/tips frequently in HR/job blogs listing your company & website and try writing in magazines/newspapers as well. This is again for brand building.

Focus on getting clients.
Remember, when people come to know you are into Recruitment business they’ll ask you to get job for them, friends, etc. Be clear that you work for employers (companies) and not for individuals. To explain further, if you get say 500 resumes in the first month, think what’s the use of them without clients. So focus on getting clients & then you can think of getting resumes.

Use networking sites (orkut, linkedin, facebook).
Build great networks among professionals, Use networking sites (orkut, linkedin, facebook, etc) for scanning quality profiles & contacting them.

Work with companies in the SMB segments.
It’s better to do business with SMB segment companies since they’ll by and large, be prompt in payments. The biggies will get your service and drag on payments or worse tell you that they already have the CVs you forwarded in their database. Be wary to work with top companies. Many a time reputed companies indulge in sharp practices.

Offer Recruitment Services for IT & Non IT.
Offer recruitment services for both IT & non-IT segments. With the economic downturn, you cannot afford to shut your doors. We are here for money & we should be ready to go where money is.

Patiently wait for the payment from the client.
Finally, bear in mind, despite the economic slowdown, still it’s a employee’s market out there & they have their own choices before they sign up to your client. Until the candidate joins your client & sticks on for 3 months without making any trouble, you’re not sure of your cheque!

Other things:
1. Job Portal subscription (naukri, monster are best bets though costly and others aren’t really worth the money even though they could come cheap)
2. Office space for interviewing candidates. BPO & customer-facing jobs require candidates to be vetted before passing up for client interview. Although for IT, you don’t need to do any face-to-face interview (telephonic interview would suffice).