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How To Improve Recruitment Procedure?

• Try to probe the candidate more asking whether he has any alternative offers,CTC offer, the joining date, intentions of looking change and also analyze how responsive towards the interviews and feedbacks. Depending on these criteria i think you should be able to judge a candidate.
• While recruiting you must remember that it’s not only company who is looking for good candidate, Candidates also look for the ‘Good’ company. Though good is a subjective term here. But understand what candidate is looking for? Is he the suitable match for the vacant position? After all after recruitment, candidate and company both will have to move together in same direction.
• It is essential to build a very good rapport with the candidate and casually ask him what exactly he is looking for. Try to coax him/her with other lucrative offers which don’t really exist. If he is the kind of candidate who is ready to jump companies for just a little increase in compensation then that candidate is very likely to quit or make an deal with his current boss for a salary hike.
• Secondly you need to keep in constant touch with the candidate so that you make sure that he is going to join. If any day candidate is sarcastic then you can probably delay in presenting the offer letter
• This common problem occurs with some candidates also due to the scarce information, they have about the client companies.

1. It is important that as a consulting company, we may assume responsibility to communicate the credentials of our client companies to our candidates. To do this, first we need to be more familiar with the ongoing improvements/ happenings with the clients..maybe can request them to gain access to their news bulletin or may take their help in how best you can market your client’s profile to the candidates

2. The credentials of the company may be CMM level, Awarded “The Best Employer for consecutive years by some IT associations like NASSCOM” The attractive Benefits of the client companies etc (few clients don’t entertain the consulting companies in these, but depending upon your client norms, you can try this)

3. This can also be dealt with by taking the help of your client companies…Bringing to their notice on the barriers faced in losing candidates, reasons collected by the candidates as to why they decline the offers etc. Also you can always make your own analysis, share it with your team/ Management before discussing with the client.

4. If there are consecutive loss of candidate due to Monetary factors ALONE, please collect the relevant facts on the same and present to your clients. This may help like supporting your client by the appropriate facts and can leave room to check if they are also in par with the Market. But not with one or two instances this can be arrived, but has to be more reporting incidents like the same. Leave it open to the client for they may be the best in arriving at necessary alternatives. Please be careful enough not to make your OWN assumptions reach the client.

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