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How to Improve Client Interaction

Recruitment is a competitive game, so once you’ve won a client over you most definitely don’t want to lose them
Building relationships is key to maintaining a good working relationship.

1. Be Attentive
Keeping in regular contact with your clients is important, in particular when you’re working on live jobs on their behalf. By ‘regular contact’ I mean perhaps a polite weekly email to see how things are going or a call to check how your new start got on on their first day.
2. Be Concise
When submitting a candidate’s CV, a short paragraph describing their background and skill set is a must. Add this into the body of the submission email so your client understands what sort of individual is being presented to them at a glance. This streamlines the process of them getting to the CV and you increase the time your client spends reviewing the details themselves!
Depending on the length of your candidate’s career and their situation, your profiling paragraph should be no more than about 300-350 words.

3. Make your client’s life easy
When submitting a candidate give your client the information you would like if you were them; when are they available for interview, what is their notice period and what are their salary expectations? Keeping information in one place will only make the process easier for your client. Add these details to the CV so that if documents are printed or passed between people within the business, everything stays together. You can do this in the form of a profile sheet or simply pop it in a table at the top of the CV.

4. Prove you know the market
You’re resourcing for a role that your client has been working on for months and you’re still struggling – why? If you know of concrete reasons why candidates don’t want to work for your client and you’re battling against them, inform your client! Being honest shows that you know the market well, you’ve done your research and your client can trust you to communicate these problems with their reputation back to them, it may be that they are unaware of your struggles and are unhappy with your lack of response as a result.

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