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How Can Recruiters Become Smart Hirers?

In today’s world of competition, a company is as good as its employees. Hence it becomes critical to recruit the right employees, and use the right techniques for such recruitments.
Your hiring solutions should focus on hiring as a recruiting relationship and look at ways of reducing hiring pain and time. Not only should this, hiring solutions also help you in the art of cherry picking the right talent. This is possible only when you adopt smart practices for hiring. Here’s how recruiters can become smart hirers.

1. Define what your company wants.
Often, talent acquisition teams do not understand the exact needs of the job opening. The recruiter along with the line manager should identify the requirements of the job before beginning the hiring process. This will help you in planning your strategy for recruitment efficiently.

2. You must frame a recruitment strategy.
Nowadays, there are several innovative recruitment strategies which help in overcoming recruitment challenges. Select the one which is best suited for your company and the job.
Online hiring solutions are gaining popularity, with hiring via social media becoming more and more accepted. The LinkedIn hiring place, Facebook and Twitter can help you tap into passive candidates as well. You can also leverage on your networks to contact potential candidates at a low cost. So evaluate all the possible options in front of you.

3. Ask the right questions.

4. After your hiring solution helps you generate well assessed CVs, you will be presented with many potential candidates for the job. You can get to know the candidate better only by asking the right questions. So prepare in advance the questions you would like to ask the candidates. These questions should not only help you judge the candidate’s qualifications and skills, but should also help you understand if he or she is the right fit for your company culturally. Remember to formulate a master list of questions for all the shortlisted candidates.

5.You must conduct smart interviews as well.
Nowadays, this process is also outsourced by many talent acquisition teams. While manpower consultants help you do this job, you must take interest in the process as well. Also, as far as possible, ask the same questions to the different candidates, and the same person should interview the candidates, to help in easy comparison.

6. Evaluate the results
Choose the candidate who is suitable not only based on qualifications, but who is also a good cultural fit in your company. This is because attrition is an expensive affair. Do background checks and ask for references, so that you can be sure you have recruited the right candidate.

Competition is common in the world of recruiting, and you can stand out and get the best talent only if you adopt innovative recruitment strategies which help you solve recruitment challenges and make you a smart hirer.

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