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Here Are Five Reasons Why Client Magnets Are A Great Way To Attract Clients?

1. One thing that people love even more than buying is getting something valuable for free. And that’s what a client magnet is… something valuable that you can share with your target audience. It could be a valuable report that provides helpful information or advice, or a practical resource like a checklist, or even a powerful tool that saves them time or money. Using client magnets allows you to make a great first impression and begin building a relationship with your prospects by giving them something they want (a valuable resource) instead of something they DON’T want (a sales pitch.)
2. Using client magnets allows you to shift from a “push” style of marketing, where you have to seek out prospects and try to convince them to work with you, into a “pull” style of marketing where you let the client magnets attract ideal prospects who resonate with your message and bring them to you.
3. Client magnets naturally build your credibility and position you as a helpful authority who provides valuable information, advice and resources. Instead of trying to convince people, you simply give them the information and resources they need to make up their own minds.
4. By using client magnets, you can reach prospects earlier in the decision-making process, when they are still searching for information and advice, often before they even consider looking at your competitors.
5. By using client magnets, you naturally attract qualified prospects who are genuinely interested in what you offer, and you automatically screen out people who are not attracted to what you offer.

There’s a big difference between you having to call prospects in order to drum up business… and having prospects call YOU after being attracted through one of your client magnets.

It’s a totally different dynamic and a much better position from which to enrol them as clients.
Whether you prefer speaking, writing, networking, advertising, partnering or social media, there are specific and highly effective client magnets you can use to attract your ideal clients to you. And the best part is you can play to your strengths by focusing on activitiesyou actually enjoy and are good at.
Once you’ve created attractive client magnets, the next step is to use visibility & exposure strategies to put them in front of the right audience. That’s how you use them to attract clients.

A) Study the existing client base of your Consultancy. What industry are they generally from? Who are the most well-known/ regular clients?
B) Speak to them & find out why they chose your consultancy. this gives you your company’s strenghts AS THE CLIENT SEES IT.
C) Ask each of them to give you references- names of companies they know & people they know in those companies. Find out from your existing client if you can quote them when contacting the references.
D) Approach these references! ( Simple )
And if anyone tells you that you are taking the easy way out, let me tell you that reference selling is a very well used method by top sales people.
1. Discover your niche (Position) & strong areas..
2. Network & establish contacts with potential clients in forums like HR meets, associations, training programs etc..
3. Establish your credibility in terms of your in-depth knowledge about the market trends & talented professionals…

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