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Choosing the right Recruitment Agency as a Candidate and as a Client

Recruitment agencies play a major role in the job market. They can bring together job seekers and employers that best suit each other. Selecting a good recruitment agency means finding one that can meet all of your needs. This is very important both as a client and as a candidate in order to avoid any disappointment with the service that they provide you.

As a candidate, what you look for in a recruitment agency will be different compared to what an employer or client, will look for. Below are a few do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind during your search.

• Select a recruitment agency with great client relationships. A recruitment agency that has good relationships with companies is very important to consider. This will mean that they have access to information on the latest job openings with the best companies as soon as they become available and whether or not they have been publicly advertised yet.
• Look for a recruitment agency that is a specialist in your industry. This specialization means they will understand what you are looking for as a job seeker. They can give you advice and information that is actually relevant to you and can often find job placements faster.

• Choose a recruitment agency that does not do a full registration process. It is important that they do everything thoroughly so that you will not be disappointed by their service.
• Overlook the online presence of a recruitment agency. An online presence is very important so it should be part of your selection process to spend some time online looking for mentions of the agency. It is through the internet that they can do their marketing and find out information on new jobs and so, not having an online presence should be concerning.
• Choose a recruitment agency that makes you pay for services such as CV writing or marketing your CV. A good agency will provide all of these services for free as they are paid by the client and not you, the candidate.

As a client, the right recruitment agency for your business is very important. This is especially true considering that you will be paying a lot of money for their services. The following are a few do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind as a client looking for a suitable recruitment agency.

• Select a recruitment agency with a proven track record to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with an organisation who knows what they are doing. Successful placements in the past will show you that they are capable of doing a good job when finding a new employee on your behalf.
• Consider a recruitment agency that works with some of your competitors – you will know that they understand the industry and what suitable candidates will look like.
• Choose an agency that is an industry specialist. Their narrowed down focus will ensure that they understand what the industry is looking for and thus, who would be best suited for job openings in your business.

• Don’t choose recruitment agencies that do not provide candidate guarantees in their terms and conditions. This means they will declare themselves not liable for a candidate that fails to meet the job’s requirements.
• It is important that the recruitment agency conducts background checks on your behalf and so, it is advisable not to sign up with an agency that does not do this.Credit checks, criminal checks, qualifications checks and references are all crucial for making sure that you are being sent suitable candidates.
• You should also make sure the agency actually meets the candidates before sending their CVs to you. This gives you the assurance that they feel the person will actually impress during the interview and has the personality that would suit the job.
Choosing the right recruitment agency is important for both the candidate and the client. This will ensure that both parties are satisfied with the service being provided and that they will both have the opportunity of crossing paths and potentially developing a successful and long-term relationship as employer and employee.

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