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Be an Entrepreneur !! Start your Own HR Consultancy!!!

You can easily operate consultancy from home.
For that you need to have a computer with internet connection. Plus access to at least one job portal will be a great help to you.
You need to learn how to access data from portals very fast.
Once you’ll start using it, it’ll become very easy.

Secondly, if possible you should add one more person to your team. So that one can take care of business development activities and other can
search CVs as per the requirement.
Because, if you are entering this market, you have to be really fast.
Otherwise if you are not able to keep pace with the other consultancies you’ll be left behind in competition.

So to sum up, one should have following infrastructure and facilities to start a new HR consultancy business:
1. Place (which you have).
2. Computer with internet.
3. Access to a job portal (It’ll require a bit high capital- Jobs ahead / Naukri)
4. At least two people to run the show.
5. Knowledge of the field.
6. Smart interaction with the clients and candidates.
7. Regular follow up with the clients.
8. Fast in delivering the CVs to clients.

The enthusiasm is good but believe me it requires a lot of entrepreneur skills than HR skills to
succeed. The ratio would be 70:30 for entrepreneur to hr skills it requires a lot of entrepreneur skills as:
1. Risk taking ability: Investing required finance on an idea you have which you think will work and converting that into profit. 90% people end up as employees because they do not want to take such risks.
2. Leadership Skills : You need to motivate others to achieve goals you have set. Their goals may be different and hence your leadership skills counts a lot .
3. Marketing Skills: why should the client buy your services?
4. Admin Skills : You need to have the right talent, right place, right infrastructure, through effective processes designed to make everything in your business work. Designing proper systems is the key here.
5. Talent Manager: Bring right recruitment talent, coach them and retain them. Since you would be handling many things you will not be doing recruitment. The recruitment will be done by others only.