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This blog is all about my experience as job seeker to job provider. I am Priya Phadte, Proprietor of VP HR Services, Innovative recruiting strategy team Consultancy.

Although i am PGDBA- in HRM. i was working for a small placement firm in Goa but was
not satisfied as i wanted to learn new skills so i decided to leave the job and start something
on my own. It was my dream to build a name for myself , i knew i cannot achieve my dream
until and unless I left a 9-5 job.

Life was not very easy after quitting the job and many times i felt sad There was one feeling
which always gave me power, the feeling of becoming a Blessing in peoples lives by
providing jobs to the jobless.

I will try my best and leave God the rest as i know that hard work pays off .

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the

This blog is just a platform to share all my experiences with my readers, friends and fellow
HR community. You are encouraged to read my views and leave a comment about the post
in this blog.