VP HR Services

Creating A World For You




banner 2VP HR Services has been established with the sole objective to dedicate itself to implement the 'Best Hiring Practices in Recruitment'. VP HR Services is an Innovative recruiting strategy team which prides itself on sourcing, screening & delivering the right people to our clients on Pan India basis.




LogoColorTextBelowVP HR Services logo has been inspired by the world symbol that signifies inter-connections of talent across India and at the same time reaching out to our clients to build long term lasting relationships. our symbol personifies a hand reaching out to another hand helping every person to reach their career goal.




  1. Discover: We get to know you, your objectives and your company's background and culture.
  2. Analysis: We do a thorough JD Analysis to understand the role of the candidate.
  3. Recruit: We develop a customized recruiting plan. We explore our network of passive & HOT candidates – top talent who may not be actively seeking a new job. To expand our search, we tap into our contacts and strategic alliances.
  4. Qualify: Top candidates participate in validated assessments to verify that they have both the hard and soft skills necessary for success.
  5. Offer: We present the complete offer to the candidate, managing any negotiation, to ultimately secure the final signed offer letter.
  6. Ongoing Follow up: We work with both you and the candidate to make sure the on boarding process goes smoothly.